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Alms Chic was awarded a 2019 Neighborhood Grant by Citizens Committee for New York City, for their Health Living with Alms Chic, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan Project Healthy Living with Alms Chic . We work in collaboration with, "The West Side Commons." 


Executive Directors Genora Johnson and Delphyne Glover were appointed liaisons in the Senior Champions Program in collaboration with NYCHA.

Environmental Ambassadors of NYCHA’ Recycling Program.

As Executive Directors, we have been presented with the opportunity to partner with Corbin Hill Food Project. as site managers.

We also participate in the Healthy Bucks Program.

We have worked with the Nourish Commodities Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) since 2016, through our partnership with Kings County Hospital Center and New York Common Pantry (N.Y.C.P), as a mobile site Serving up to 220 seniors 60 plus.

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